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  • Support the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

    Posted on December 28, 2012 by adrenalina

    The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum's mission is to share skateboarding’s history and culture with all ages of skateboarders as well as the general public. The museum is staffed on a volunteer basis by director Jack Smith, his wife Cathy and local skateboarding enthusiasts.  By making a pledge to this fund raising effort you will help to provide a place where the public can learn about skateboarding history and culture.

    Their goal with this fund raising effort is to raise enough money to pay 2013’s rent in advance. That amount is $12,000. Having the rent paid will allow them to expand the museum's collection of historical skateboarding memorabilia and to offer new and exciting exhibits.  P

    To donate simply follow the instructions here:


    Posted on December 14, 2012 by adrenalina

    The eagle has landed. Designed and manufactured in the USA. These trucks are cast in a gravity feed permanent mold that allows for a crisper detail definition and fewer areas of void in the cast.  .  88a stock barrel bushings and precision top and bottom washer for added responsiveness and control.  Pivot cups are specially designed for an extra greasy and sleazy ride.

    Check out the VIDEO.



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