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What's Your Riding Style?

Longboard Riding Styles

Longboarding is a fun sport and there are many ways to ride your board. To pick the right skateboard for you it is very important that you ask yourself what you want to use the board for. Wether you like to cruise, carve, freeride, downhill, commuter or skate parks and bowls.


You may find out that you like more than one of these styles of riding. Some skateboards can be used for more than one of these, and you'll notice that eventually you will own 2 or more skateboards to fit your riding styles.

Longboard Riding Styles - Here are the top 5


Carving: for people that like to hold their live well in turns and not slide out very much. Carving and pumping much like surfing. It does not mean that your will not slide at all, but it is set up to squared lipped wheels that grip better while maintaining your speed.

Downhill: this style is for experienced longboarders who like going down large hills and mountain passes. The boards are built to handle speed.  Owning a downhill longboard doesn't mean that you are licensed automatically to bomb hills, you must learn first how to slide, drift on corners, foot brake and air brake before you attempt this.

Freeride: this means that the board is meant for all kinds of sliding, either on a hill or flat ground. This skateboard is set up with round lipped wheels to make it easier for you to slide. If you would like to leave urethane lines on the street, then this is for you.

Park: this style means that you like to ollie, tear up transitions, ramps, funboxes, halfpipes, bowls, etc... there are skateparks all over the globe. You will need a traditional skateboard to practice this style and you may use this board to practice street skateboarding as well, use natural elements around your neighborhood.

Commuter: here is something for everyone, this style is typically easier to push because the boards are lower to the ground, making it easier to footbrake and are well suited to travel long distances or just to get you out there and exercise. These boards are perfect to push for the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon, a 26.2 mile race on skateboards. Register today and start training.


Please make sure you wear a helmet every time you go skate

Longboard Riding Styles - Just ask us if you have any questions.


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