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Sponsors Skateboard Marathon...

It's our great pleasure to welcome BLOCK Risers as a sponsor of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon.

BLOCK Riser Innovations, an Ocean Beach San Diego based company, has spent the last three years prototyping and 3D printing risers that think outside the box.  In 2013 the StashBLOCK was born and not until 2014 did they realized they had something truly special with the BettyBOX riser system.  They were able to create any insert they wanted with only the deck and trucks the limit.

Riser pads were boring, so BLOCK made them Awesome!

In the early months of 2015 they prepared for a crowd funding campaign on the crowdfunding giant IndieGoGo.  After countless hours of work by the team they were able to raise $75,000 by the campaign ending date on 710-15.  During that same weekend they made their industry debut at the Long Beach Agenda Trade Show.



We've been riding and testing BLOCK risers since the beginning, and we guarantee them 100%. If you are worried about the height of your board you can throw some Newton trucks. The low riding 50 degree Newton Trucks allow you to maintain your ride height compared to standard trucks when used in combination with BLOCK Risers BettyBOX or ride super low when used with drop thru decks.


Try them today!

We are very happy to have BLOCK RISERS on board and part of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon sponsors.


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