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Zenxten Land Paddles

Zenxten Sponsors ASM...

We are happy to welcome Zenxten as a new sponsor of the Adrenalina Longboard Skateboard Marathon.

About Zenxten Land Paddles:

Land paddling has been around for years, innovation in land paddling has been almost non existent till now. The Braap stik land paddle helps the newby balance and get the feel for things while helping the college student get to class, the hard core athlete crosstrain and stay fit all while enjoying the outdoors.


Have one of your best core work outs while enjoying your self like never before. Get out and land paddle (SSUP) its a great way to take a break, burn some calories and see some sites. Release the beast on the best paddle available the Braap Stik. Make sure to share this with a friend its much more fun in groups.

Innovative Products for Everyday Riders. 

Register here for the Adrenalina Longboard Skateboard Marathon.

Check out a promo video.

The Adrenalina Longboard Skateboard Marathon will take place Sunday November 20th, Click HERE for more information.

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