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Jeffrey "Wiggler" Vyain

Will he win the marathon?

Interview with Jeff Vyain - By Pablo Lanatta.

I met Jeffrey Vyain, aka "Wiggler" in 2010 during our first organized and permitted Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon,(Florida) in which he won over all the favorites in 1:40 minutes. He became the newest star in Long distance skateboarding. That year he won $10,000 for just pushing on a longboard. I remember asking him on an interview after he crossed the finish line what he was going to do with the 10K, and he yelled he was getting lasik. hahaha.. So I'm hoping he can see better now.

In 2011 we organized an Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon World Tour through Puerto Rico, Texas, New York, and Florida. He got first place in New York and Florida, second place in Texas where he came in behind Paul Kent and he also got third Place in Puerto Rico. (In Puerto Rico he skated injured after recovering from  getting hit by a car in NYC and he still made it in 3rd place) Impressive.

The Marathon in Puerto Rico was won by Kiefer Dixon, who beat Paul Kent in the rain.

PAblo Lanatta & Jeff Vyain Pablo Lanatta Interviewing Jeff during the NYC Marathon


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A few years later, after raising a baby, along his wife, the man from Nashville, Tennessee, bred in Indianapolis, Indiana decided to visit us in San Diego and compete in the 2016 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon. So we asked him a few questions.

Q: How much are you training?
A: Adequately, I think. Not as much as some people. I go for a hard skate once or twice a week and mix in another skate once or twice per week for pure fun. I feel strong. How I like feeling.

Q: Do you have a special diet?
A: I try to eat what makes me feel good. Usually that's pretty healthy but I don't particularly regulate myself. I really like quinoa and Ben and Jerry's! Not together. Though...maybe.

Jeff-Vyain-Adrenalina-Puerto-Rico Jeff Vyain - PC: David Lekach

Q: Average speed on a longboard?
A: I skate some 7-11 mph and I skate about 15 mph when I go hard for a while.

Q: Which Pantheon deck are you using?
A: My commuter board is my Pantheon Trip. It's the smallest, lightest, most agile, and lowest cost commuter board we make!

Q: How do you think you'll perform during the 2016 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon?
A: I should perform well. There are plenty of variables out there, still. But I'm strong right now, and in a completely different place with my skating than I ever have been before. Doing a lot of hills and logging some big milage skates, and I'm over a mile high. I'm excited to see how the altitude change affects me, if it does.

Q: Do you think you can beat Thomas C. Slager's time?
A: I'm expecting several people will, including myself. I like skating fast. We won't be having a tactical sprint race.


The 2016 Adrenalina Longboard Skateboard Marathon will be one to remember. The boys were already challenging each other on social media right after the Broadway Bomb in NYC. It's going to be exciting to see these three names on the front line... Kiefer Dixon, Thomas C. Slager and Jeffrey Vyain. They are confirmed and are coming to San Diego.


But what about Joe Mazzone, Andy Andras, Kyle Yan, Jay Cobb, Harrison Tucker? Are you coming?

Here are the results from the 2015 Skateboard Marathon. CLICK HERE.

Hope to see everyone soon at the 2016 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon.


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