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Skate Shop Spotlight

An interview By Jelly Skateboards

jelly_skateboards_adrenalina_skate_shop_san_diegoWe are excited to announce our first, “Skate Shop Spotlight,” series! We want you to meet the people that make skating possible.

Meet Pablo, owner of Adrenalina skate shop in La Jolla, California! One of the very first skate shops to carry Jellys. He is a man of many skills. From surfing to skating, Pablo does it all.. While he makes time to stay fit and have fun, he works hard for his passion; his skate shop. Pablo’s passion can be not only heard – but felt when he talks about Adrenalina and the community that has been built around it. His devotion to a stellar skate community is devotion that is hard to top for sure.pablo_lanatta_owner_adrenalina_skate_shopLet’s start with Pablo’s early skating career; an inspiring story indeed. The story of Pablo’s first experience with a skateboard is hilarious and starts when he was just eight years old. He lived in Argentina, where skate shops weren’t necessarily a ‘thing’. In order to get parts for a skateboard, you had to know someone, who knew someone, who knew someone else. It took a few months for Pablo to completely assemble his board, and when he finally got the trucks, he did what many beginner skaters do; he put too much pressure on the bolts – breaking the baseplate before he even got to ride it. Needless to say, Pablo was traumatized. The great moral of the story is that this did not stop Pablo from doing what he wanted as many things don’t. It took him a few more months, but he got his next board, and from there the rest is history.

So, where did Adrenalina come from? That is actually a good question with a very surprising answer. Before Pablo opened his beloved store, he had his own action sports show called, “Adrenalina,” the Spanish word for adrenaline. Adrenalina featured sports such as motocross, surfing, jet skiing, and more. After a decade and a half of the action-packed show, Pablo decided to open up his very own skate shop.


What stood out most about Pablo, though, was not his cool history. It was how passionate he is about his shop. He wants nothing more than for Adrenalina to be a great community for his fellow Bird Rock neighborhood skaters. Both he and his employees build relationships with their customers in order to fully understand what each person is truly looking for because they know that each person is different. This is not just a sales’ tactic, though. This attitude is truly genuine and came from a place where Pablo truly enjoys making a difference and getting to know each and every person that walks into the store. When asked what his favorite part about skating was, Pablo gave a golden answer.

"The community feeling! I love being a neighborhood skate shop. – it gets to be one on one. Everyone has their own stories and I love getting to know people. People don’t just buy and leave. They stay for about 40 minutes to talk. People are always sharing their stories.

It’s also very rewarding when you introduce people to skating for the first time. A lot of people come in who haven’t ever been on a skateboard and we get to tell them what skateboarding is all about. It’s awesome sharing that stoke with them and getting them hooked on skating. We get a lot of follow up emails from people and parents saying their kids are so happy and doing better because of Adrenalina.” -Pablo

Just when you thought Adrenalina couldn’t get better, it does. Throughout the year, Adrenalina hosts events such as slide jams, push races, and Taco Tuesday skate hang outs. The biggest event of the year is the 26.2 mile skate marathon that raises money for Summit for Stem Cell, an organization that specializes in research for Parkinson’s Disease. Beginning in 2010, the event has been held annually and is known worldwide attracting skaters from all over the world. This very marathon inspired marathons across the globe. This year, the Adrenalina Skate Marathon will be held on November 20th, at Mission Bay, San Diego. So if you live in So-Cal you should definitely head down to San Diego and and join the fun!adrenalina skateboard marathon 2016

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