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Aera Trucks has been in business producing the best, and most successful downhill and freeride trucks on the market since 2009. We focus on simplicity, and lighter products whenever possible, and find that the best truck is the one with the least gimmicks or additional parts. Our trucks are race proven with the most World Champions on our team in the industry, and are regarded as some of the most fun and flowing trucks to ride for freeride as well. Aera Trucks - Simply the best.


  • Most Popular: 174mm / 46deg
  • Best for Freeride: 184mm / 46deg
  • Best for Racing: 168mm / 46 deg
  • Best for City / Urban / Freeride: 174mm / 50deg
  • Best for High Speed Racing: 176mm / 46 Deg & 30 Deg.


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