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Bear 181/52 Grizzly Black Longboard Truck

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Bear 181/52 Grizzly Black Longboard Truck

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Bear grizzly black longboard truck with a 52 degree base plate, restrictive bushing seat, faced hangers and raked hangers, these trucks can transform from a campus cruising truck that can make deep carves so you can efficiently people slalom from class to class and with a quick hanger flip, can turn into an extremely stable truck for downhill and freeride.

Rake is when a hangers bushing seat are directional, so when you flip it a certain way the bushing seats interact differently, which can lead to more stable trucks that turn less. With a 52 degree base plate, which sit 2 degrees above most other baseplates, Bears can carve and people slalom a little tighter than most other trucks, and with a flip of a hanger can turn into a downhill machine.

With the faced hanger, the bearing sits flat against the axle, taking away the need for a speed ring on the axle side, we still recommend you have one on anyways, but if you happen to lose a speed ring, and everyone does, you'll be fine with just one.