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If you are shopping for new longboard skateboard equipment or apparel, choose from the best longboard skateboard brands out there. At Adrenalina Skate we make sure you pick the right longboard skateboard that fits your needs. There are different riders that demand different equipment and there are a lot of options out there, so we will make sure you pick what is best for you.

We carry Landyatchz, Bones, Powell Peralta, Rayne longboards, Loaded, Orangatang, Gravity Skateboards, Omen Longboards, Madrid Longboards, Five Mile longboards, Sector 9 longboards, Bustin longboards, Carver skateboards, buddy carr, elephant skateboards, mini logo and more....

Here's a list of the best longboard skateboard brands:


Sector 9:

Sector 9 is based out of San Diego, California and was founded in 1993. A Group of friends that grew out of MuirLands Middle School in La Jolla started building longboards while they were in college for friends in their backyard and later on Sector 9  grew into a huge respectable longboard company that currently has it's own warehouse in San Diego, CA.  Sector 9 is know worldwide for their hand made longboards, every board is made in-house by team riders or people that have always been involved in skateboarding. Sector 9 complete Longboards are designed for all levels and skill sets. All Sector 9 longboards are tested by their team riders, their traditional longboards are made out of 7 plys of maple. They offer their boards as decks only as well, so you can pick up a Sector 9 longboard deck anytime. Their longboards are designed for smooth turns and cruising at high speeds over long distances. You can also build your own board and pick Sector 9 skateboard wheels, they have a huge selection of longboard skateboard wheels, different sizes, durometers and urathane. (Urathane is the material used in the skateboard wheels). Once you pick up your skateboard wheels, you must choose from a nice selection of Sector 9 skateboard bearings, these skateboard bearings are made of different materials that improve your speed or the way you ride. You should also look into purchasing a Sector 9 Skateboard Field Kit, it has everything you need to build your board and some extra items as well, it comes with abec 7 bearings, hardware, rag, skatetool, bearing lube and risers. The Sector 9 Lube is very important to your bearings, it keeps you skateboard bearings spinning clean and faster with less friction. Last but not least, Sector 9 makes reliable safety gear for every riding style, whether you push, carve, free ride, downhill, cruise, street skate, or skate parks and bowls, check out some of their Sector 9 skateboard pads and your most important thing before you get on your skateboard is to grab a Sector 9 skateboard helmet. Share the stoke!